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Bringing nearly four years of experience in the UX field, my skill set encompasses a diverse range of SaaS product design: healthcare, customer management, analytics, and video streaming. I believe research, design, user testing, and stakeholder collaboration are key ingredients to creating a product that solves user needs.

In June 2022, I received a Master's of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington. I live in Sammamish, Washington with my husband Tanmay and our son Theo.

👋🏻 Elisabeth Fonden

UX Designer, MS HCDE

📖 My UX Story

Let's turn back the clock to the year 2014 🗓️ . There yet? Cool. My story begins as a fresh Communications undergrad from Hogwarts 🎓... urgh, I mean, Northwest University, where I embarked on the most difficult quest of all. Landing my 'creative & people-oriented' dream job.


Starting in the realm of finance 💰, I worked my way up to Senior Member Consultant. Despite the enchantment of getting to work with people 🤝  every day, I couldn't help but feel that a sense of creativity was missing.

I said, "Thank you, next!" 🥀  and entered a new realm at Pushpay, a Saas company, as an Executive Assistant to the President. In this magical realm 🪄, I was able to experiment with creativity, in terms of stakeholder presentations, company newsletters, and data visualizations. My manager was extremely supportive of my creative pursuits, and concocted 🧙🏼‍♀️ a mentorship for me with our Digital Marketing Lead. I initially liked the idea of the field, and signed up for a beginner course at the University of Washington.

That was until prince charming caught my eye 👁️ and I got a taste of web design all over again (first, in my undergrad) in the course's final project. Yes, you guess it. I said, "Thank you, next!" 🥀 to digital marketing and entered the realm of ✨✨✨user experience design✨✨✨.

To hone my newfound wizardry 🪄, I enrolled in a 6-month UX Certificate program at the University of Washington. At the same time, I was mentored 🤝🏼 by UX designers at my current company. A few months later, I landed my first Junior UX role at a healthcare startup in Seattle.

And thus, dear reader, the rest is history 🎆. For a more current account of my adventures (2019-present), I invite you to consult my enchanted resume 📖 (linked above).

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