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DOL Before

My Proposed Redesign 

Project #1: Department of Licensing Remodel

One day as I was navigating to the DOL site to renew my license, I was shocked at how hard it was to navigate. The design is very old school box-themed, and there was no organization at all for the links. I noticed 'messages' hidden as a link smack in the middle of the rest, not to be confused with the "alerts" space which I am still confused about. I also saw two navigations, and so naturally, decided to redesign it for fun.

Project #2: Pushpay Giving Campaign

Pushpay builds custom apps for non-profit organizations and education providers. During my time at the company as an Executive Assistant, I was given a practice project by the UX Lead at Pushpay, to create a giving experience for users to donate easily, quickly, and visualize the impact of their donation.


This was my first case study before my certificate program, and I'm open to expanding on my UX process.

My digital playground.

A place where I experiment and have fun.

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